Insert Credit Hornt Correspondent Ash Parrish rejoins the panel to answer questions members of the Insert Credit forums deemed too stupid even to submit to the dirtbag.

Questions this week:

  1. BluntForceMama asks: What is your mom’s favorite TV show, and how would you adapt it into a video game your dad would want to play? (02:06)
  2. Gaagaagiins asks: Is Capcom just Sega without the Sega-ness? (07:09)
  3. beets asks: If you were going to make a table from video game  hardware, which would you choose? (10:03)
  4. yeso asks: can Yoko Taro see out of that thing? (12:41)
  5. King Tub asks: when I’m rewarded with gold for fighting a monster, what’s it doing with that gold? (15:13)
  6. Is Superman just seeing everybody’s dicks all the time? (18:03)
  7. Gaagaagiins asks: Design a Fromsoft Onimusha game with a Jean Reno-level celebrity appearance and setting (20:44)
  8. antillese asks: If muddy brown is the color of Xbox 360 games, what is the video game color of other consoles? (22:12)
  9. The Fragrance of Dark Coffee asks: What isn’t the Jingle All The Way of video games? (26:19)
  10. dylanfills asks: Is the Phoenix Wright series copaganda? (30:15)
  11. Anna asks: If every video game character escaped the virtual world and attacked their creators, which developers could beat their creations? (35:22)
  12. TokuCowboy asks: What does the CD mean in Sonic CD? (40:56)
  13. HelloMrKearns asks: What is the Mitsuoka Le-Seyde of video games? (41:28)
  14. dylanfills asks: is Doomguy a bottom? (47:48)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Arcade of Our Own (51:16)

Recommendations and Outro (01:03:22)

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Brandon: Wishlist Hyper Gunsport and Demonschool on Steam

Ash: Endling: Extinction Is Forever, Escape Academy

Frank: Try unsalted nuts, send Frank the Doom comic

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Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Brandon Sheffield, and Ash Parrish. Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.