The same panel this show started with is whole once more, covering hype cycles, the real game console generations, and the Season 2 finale of Violence Island.

Questions this week:

  1. merritt k asks: What are some games on 80s and 90s Japanese home computers you want translations of or official releases in the west? (05:32)
  2. What causes hype? Or, how do games become “overrated?” (11:23)
  3. Let’s talk about “game killers” (17:25)
  4. Who makes the best monsters? (23:53)
  5. What are the actual video game console generations? (30:32)
    Insert Credit Quick Break - The Free Cheese (41:22)
  6. From Winckle: What’s the best two button sequence in video games? (42:44)
  7. What do you think was the most difficult game to QA test? (49:06)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Violence Island - Season 2 Finale (54:51)

Recommendations and Outro (01:12:58)

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Frank: clock out early

Brandon: hey thanks for listening and enjoying the show, we really appreciate it! And also, consider using your house like a Blockbuster if you keep collecting things.

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