Giant Bomb, Gamespot and Friends Per Second’s Lucy James joins the panel to cover video game convention panels, Oppenheimer, and getting Americans to care about 4X games.

Questions this week:

  1. Is there a meaningful distinction between a minigame and a game within a game? (07:25)
  2. How do you make a really big game without overwhelming players? (12:48)
  3. What are the practical reasons to set a video game in the post-apocalypse? (18:38)
  4. What are the pitfalls to avoid when organizing or participating in a video game panel? (22:02)
  5. The Adaptation Game: Adapt Oppenheimer (2023) into a video game. (28:23)
    Insert Credit Quick Break: Moonstone Island on Steam (35:52)
  6. Tom Arrow asks: What are video games that best exemplify tragedy, comedy and romance? (37:15)
  7. What kind of video games do Americans not care about, and is there a way to change that? (43:32)
  8. What is the “You couldn’t make Blazing Saddles today” of video games? (48:10)

LIGHTNING ROUND: GameFAQ&As - Mortal Kombat (53:43)

Recommendations and Outro (57:25)

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Lucy: The New York Times Mini Crossword, The Design Behind Immortality's Occult Secrets, JeffJeff's Bizarre Adventure S03E01: Oh, those aren't bullets, Baldur’s Gate 3 boss on Xbox Series S and “Redefining The RPG” I Friends Per Second Episode #26

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Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Brandon Sheffield and Lucy James. Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.