Fifty listener questions taking the form of “What is the ___ of video games?” are defeated by the full panel of the Insert Credit Show.

Questions this week:

  1. Vanilla Bean asks: What is the Aphex Twin to Radiohead to Coldplay of video games? (07:32)
  2. John H: What is the Studio Trigger of video games? (08:46)
  3. Danimal: Who (or what) is the Wednesday Campanella of video games? (10:14)
  4. Henry: What is the Action Comics #1 competition of video games? (11:42)
  5. Tomarrow: What is the meat and potatoes of video games? (12:49)
  6. Kiko b: What is the peanut butter and jelly on white bread of video games? (13:42)
  7. Ian: what's the everything bagel of video games? (14:52)
  8. Gaagaagiins: What is the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner of video games? (15:37)
  9. Chris B: What is the "walking by a store on a hot day that has the front doors wide open with the AC blasting and you catch a sudden blast of freezing air" of video games? (16:52)
  10. Justin: What’s the “Live Free or Die Hard” of video games? (18:24)
  11. BrillPickle asks: What’s the Normcore of video games? (20:10)
  12. BrillPickle asks: What’s the healthgoth of video games? (21:09)
  13. Spencer: what is the "going to the movies but spending the whole time on your phone" of video games? (22:08)
  14. Cwumble Fletkh: Who is the Oedipus of video games? (23:08)
  15. Fighting fudon: What is the “I’ve had too much coffee and now I feel like death” of video games? (23:58)
  16. JackOakLeaf: What is the Marlon Brando as Don Corleone in The Godfather of video games? (25:24)
  17. Jimi: Who are the Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer of video game characters? (26:21)
  18. Jomch: What is the Frasier of videogames? (26:39)
  19. Dillson: What is the Hatsune Miku Guitar Synthesizer Stompbox of video games? (28:00)
  20. kory: What is the Jaws 19 from Back to the Future Part II of video games? (28:34)
  21. Anonymous: What is the finding an onion ring in your fries of video games? (29:12)
  22. Classic Anonymous: What is the Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud of video games? (31:22)
  23. U G: What is the Mark Z Danielewski's House of Leaves of video games? (32:29)
  24. Shlooter McGavin: What is the “reading a magazine back to front” of video games? (33:26)
  25. gordon "matty" freeman: What is the “vinyl just sounds better, dude” of video games? (34:31)
    Insert Credit Quick Break: Patreon listeners, please check your info because Patreon screwed up (34:57)
  26. Maybesheforgot: What is the O Brother Where Art Thou of video games? (35:37)
  27. Jeff Mangum: Who or what is the Neutral Milk Hotel of video games? (36:43)
  28. Skeletoncounter: What is the Wes Craven's New Nightmare of video games? (38:16)
  29. Gaagaagiins asks: What is the comparison between the theatrical and extended cuts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy? (40:52)
  30. LeFish: What is the finding out Santa isn’t real of video games? (42:42)
  31. Anonymous: What is the going back in time to kill baby Hitler of video games? (44:09)
  32. Charlie: Who, or what game, is the first Mark Twain of video games? (45:28)
  33. Arvid: What’s the “built like a brick outhouse” of video games? (46:05)
  34. Buy Gebord: What is the Society of the Spectacle of video games? (47:20)
  35. Marxseny: What is the “It’s not a phase, mom” of video games? (48:19)
  36. Barclay: What is The Illuminatus! Trilogy of video games? (49:20)
  37. Crumbling Kwelfis: who is the jean-luc godard of video games? (50:29)
  38. Dustin: What is the high school reunion of video games? (51:31)
  39. Cole: What is the Nissan Sileighty of video games? (52:43)
  40. La_cuna: What or who is the Ricky Jay of video games? (53:35)
  41. Kyle: What is the Mission Impossible of video games? (55:32)
  42. Torbjorn: Who is the Søren Kierkegaard of video games? (56:42)
  43. Antho: What’s the Canadian tuxedo of video games? (57:40)
  44. ana: What is the cinéma-vérité of video games? (59:06)
  45. Snowtire: what is the Star Citizen of video games? (01:00:08)
  46. Smander Jettz: Who is the Ezra Miller of video games? (01:01:03)
  47. Brayden Bunker: What is the aeropress of video games? (01:02:53)
  48. Samf Sankey: who is the Jim Varney of video games? (01:05:47)
  49. Swift Justice: What is the BABYMETAL of video games? (01:07:03)
  50. nate: what is the 4'33 of video games? (01:09:06)

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