3D printing peripherals, Final Boss analysis, and Jerry Lewis analogies await you in this episode.

Questions this week:

  1. What was the most painful hour of a video game you've ever played? (02:49)
  2. PK MOMS: Design an educational game for 5th graders that teaches them not to be assholes on the internet. (09:03)
  3. Is game criticism becoming more daring? (15:33)
  4. How would you run your video game convention differently than others? (21:54)
  5. What makes one Roguelike better or worse than another? (28:19)
  6. Which video game character would have your highest Enemy rating on OK Cupid? (34:00)
  7. What separates a final boss fight from a regular boss fight? (40:35)
  8. How would you make a game with a worse metascore than 8/100? (46:55)
  9. How might future games use a 3D printer? (53:31)
  10. What is the The Day The Clown Cried of Video Games? (57:55)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Elevator Pitch (01:03:35)

Edited by Andrew Toups.