Avast! Romantic subplots, machinima, and fantasy character classes off the port bow!

Questions this week:

  1. FRANK: What are the categories for the Insert Credit Awards? (01:11)
  2. RONALD WU: What is the best love story or subplot in a video game? (07:46)
  3. If American football is the best designed professional sport, what is the most poorly designed professional sport? (14:16)
  4. If you were to make a machinima series today, what game would you use? (22:56)
  5. What secret powers might video game hobbyists possess? (28:25)
  6. How would the Persona series be different if it was set in college instead of high school? (34:55)
  7. What is the absolute best character class in fantasy games? (41:12)
  8. What would you do with several million dollars to develop a game to promote scientology? (47:52)
  9. Which studios are the best at game localization? (54:20)
  10. What game has the best voice acting? (01:00:25)
  11. What would you do with a Being John Malkovich doorway into the head of Shinji Mikami? (01:01:32)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Magnum Opus (01:08:00)

Edited by Andrew Toups.