Insert Credit is a class of characters with character classes.

Questions this week:

  1. With the release of the new GTAV trailers, let's talk about what games feature the abilities to switch on-the-fly between playable characters.
  2. The new Xbox is rumored to feature linked achievements that can be rewarded across several titles. How do you foresee this being utilized?
  3. Disney gave EA exclusive rights to Star Wars game production. Which studio under EA's auspices should make them?
  4. How can The Sims 4 improve upon previous entries in the series?
  5. IMPROV ZONE: Brandon, you work at the game retail section of a department store in 2003. Tim, you're a nervous 14 year old, trying to purchase DOA XBV while your mom, Frank, is distracted but periodically keeps checking on you.
  6. Craft a themed Humble Bundle for Steam.
  7. What the hell is a MOBA and why should I care?
  8. Does Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon possess our particular brand of preferred hotness?
  9. Sony has hired you to design the competitor to Itadaki Street for the PS4. You can use any characters you want, but must use every feature of the controller.

LIGHTNING ROUND: Apps to Apples (01:02:48)

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music: 'MGS3 Theme' performed by YouTube user DSCAccount and 'Hidden Village' from the Twilight Princess OST.