No Lightning Round Because Frank Doesn't Feel Like It.

Questions this week:

  1. With the original Wii, Nintendo got the family together in the living room. How does Nintendo get the whole family into the bathroom?
  2. Brandon Boyer announced a conference called "Horizon" to highlight beautiful games. What alternative conference will we need in 2 years once it becomes as big as E3?
  3. Google.IO has new features -- geofencing, sensors for how you're traveling, and customized Google Maps. Can we use these features to make a fun game?
  4. Let's talk about our favorite speedruns.
  5. Syfy is released a TV/MMO hybrid called Defiance. How would you go about creating consistency between these?
  6. What's the future of selling games to hotel guests?
  7. Let's design games that would actually be fun to play on an ariplane system.
  8. Namco just announced a Pac-Man game based on a show based on the video game. What other franchises should come full circle that way?
  9. Come up with a serious game educating people on misophonia.

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music: 'The Moon' from Duck Tales NES remastered by My New Soundtrack and 'White Castle Town' from The Secret of Evermore SNES.