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Questions this week:

  1. How will Zynga evolve under the man behind the Xbox One?
  2. Which Nintendo 64 game best utilized the Z trigger?
  3. Which pre-existing IP would be the best fit for an adaptation by the Civilization team?
  4. Would you rather play 1,000 hours of Fire Emblem or 1,000 hours of Advance Wars?
  5. How would you run an ARG to promote the actual release of Half-Life 3?
  6. What makes Cavia so great?
  7. Which video game best captures each decade of the 20th century?
  8. What is the Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier of video games?
  9. On which topics would you trust Mario for advice?

LIGHTNING ROUND: Design by Title

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music: 'The Vanishing Sky' from Bullet Witch Xbox 360 and 'Metallic Mario' from Super Mario 64 composed by Koji Kondo.