Insert Credit Presents Boobs in the Sand - Championship Edition.

Questions this week:

  1. Who's your favorite c-list villain from a video game?
  2. Design the free-to-play game that makes everyone get over their hatred of free-to-play games.
  3. Why are video games fun?
  4. How would you define your relationship with video games?
  5. What video games are the most personally empowering?
  6. What is the biggest argument you've had about a video game?
  7. If an elecromagnetic storm knocked out all electronics for 30 years, what would gamers turn to for entertainment?
  8. What is the most poisonous mainstay of video game development?
  9. Have you ever felt like video games have left you behind?


Edited by Blaine Brown. Music 'The Infinite Teatime' from Jeff and Casey Time and 'Undercurrent' from Braid.