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Questions this week:

  1. What video game are you the most baffled actually got made?
  2. What were the best looking games of the pre-NES era?
  3. When is a video game remake or remaster different enough from its predecessor to be eligible again for award consideration?
  4. Your publisher has demanded that you punch up the dialogue for your 3D platforming game, and have been given three options. The writing samples seem to channel DnD, other video games, and Monty Python, including direct quotes. Which person do you choose?
  5. How many games is that bit.trip runner guy in?
  6. How will future game designers invoke nostalgia for the games of the 00s?
  7. What are your fondest memories of the Nintendo Wii?
  8. Which video game character do you believe would hate you personally the most?

LIGHTNING ROUND: Playing Favorites

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music 'Impetus' from Bit.Trip Runner and 'BGM 1' from PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX.