Trying to Make the Bleak Future a Little Bit Better.

Questions this week:

  1. If a plague killed everybody in the game industry except you, your friends, and five people of your choice, who would be safe?
  2. Has a game series ever produced a better sequel for less money?
  3. Design a video game to be played for 24 hours straight without stopping.
  4. Complete this sentence -- "There are two kinds of people who play video games:"
  5. What are some creative but home-safe insults for multiplayer?
  6. You're going out for lunch with a date who wants to eat at a restaurant from a video game. Where do you take her?
  7. What licensed music would you put into Gears of War?
  8. What is the most independent video game?
  9. Who's the most competent video game princess?

LIGHTNING ROUND: Title Design - Tom Hanks Movies

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music 'Main Theme' from Cave Story PC and 'Begin', 'Home Waters (Down)', 'Stormy Seas (Down)', 'Arctic Floes (Down)', 'Maelstrom (Down)', and 'Alternative End (Unused)' from Ridiculous Fishing iOS.