Insert Credit Doesn't Wanna Be The Guy.

Questions this week:

  1. What games would you want to do a single credit run on?
  2. How much are video games like what you imagined they would be like in the future when you were a kid?
  3. What are your "sick day" video games?
  4. What are the best games that can no longer be played or acquired?
  5. Custom Soundtrack: Final Fantasy VII
  6. What is needed to make a good masocore game?

LIGHTNING ROUND: Playing Favorites: Holiday Edition

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music 'Haunted Graveyard' from Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts SNES, 'Dream Dreams' from Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams Remixed by OCRemix User by Dale North, 'Maya Fey - Turnabout Sisters' Theme 2001' from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney DS Remixed by OCRemix User OA, and 'Xmas MGS Boss 4' from Merry Gear Solid 2 PC by Arthur Lee.