Link: Bad Writing About Games Archives

Not that long ago I used to do a fair bit of freelance work for the gaming press. I’ve dealt with a wide spectrum of editors, some were lucid and educated but most weren’t. It can be mightily disheartening to research a piece in meticulous detail only to have it linguistically raped by an idiotic sub-editor, then blithely printed without informing the writer of the changes. This kind of nonsense is pretty widespread too. You then also have the unholy marriage of dumb editors mixed with moronic writers.

The following link is a pretty damning snapshot in regards to the quality of modern day games journalism. My only gripe is that it’s not all that extensive but it’s at least a start.

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News: Cruise Chaser Blassty at Gears Online

blassty-01.jpgThe lesser known Square mecha RPG from the mid-80’s Cruise Chaser Blassty has been given the Gears Online treatment. It’s worth clarifying here that the mecha designer changed between the game and the images you’re about to see, as Mika Akitaka was responsible for the titular SPEX-07 Blassty in the pages of Hobby Japan (where the story was subsequently serialised). There is some really wonderful artwork here, diligently scanned from the pages of old magazines.

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Fallout 3

According to this press release from BethSoft Japan, tells us that apparently, Japanese people are still kind of sensitive about that whole atomic bomb thing. As a result, a quest where the player can choose to destroy an entire town is being cut from the Japanese version of the game. Additionally, the Fat Man weapon will be renamed, and some of the gorier kill animations for humans and certain ghouls will be cut. It’s currently unknown if this will affect the Asian release as well.