Action Button Dot Net columnist and Music of the Spheres developer Hamish Todd makes a special appearance to discuss cosplay, surprise sequels, and high luncheon.

Questions this week:

  1. What do we have to look forward to if the Wii U builds itself as a home for potentially dead franchises? (03:42)
  2. If you were judging a cosplay competition, which costumes would be most likely to win? (10:07)
  3. Which console featured the absolute best launch library? (16:17)
  4. What is one video game that you will never, ever play, and why? (22:33)
  5. Who would win in a fight: Doctor Wily or Doctor Robotnik? (28:50)
  6. Do you feel your work is appreciated? (36:30)
  7. What would a Mario game be like where you played as a Goomba? (43:03)
  8. If you could grab the novelization rights to any video game, which would you get, and how would you use it? (49:12)
  9. Which video game soundtracks are most notable for their use of uncommonly heard instruments? (55:36)
  10. What is the worst idea for a game that has never been released that you've ever heard? (01:01:50)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Bottom Line Review (01:08:17)

Edited by Andrew Toups.