Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo debates with us over the validity of video game nostalgia, online comment systems, and the sanctity of the Warthog.

Questions this week:

  1. All of your games and consoles have been stolen, but you do have a $1,000 GameStop gift card that expires at the end of the week. How do you spend it? (03:14)
  2. Which games have most innovatively used the DualShock controller? (09:46)
  3. Has a video game ever made you cry? (16:08)
  4. What are the most embarrassing comments you've seen on an online video game article? (22:16)
  5. What can we the viewers expect from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie? (28:36)
  6. What are the biggest mistakes to avoid when designing a dungeon? (37:36)
  7. How can the Tony Hawk franchise stage a comeback? (43:59)
  8. JOEX111: How would you design a great game around a daytime soap opera while staying true to the spirit of the show? (50:15)
  9. Create a mixtape of video game music to listen to while driving your car. (56:38)
  10. What's the best video game quote to put on your tombstone?(01:03:00)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Corporate Slogans (01:04:04)

Edited by Tim Rogers.