The Insert Credit Crew is joined by CANABALT creator Adam Saltsman to discuss the appeal of giant robots, to design a game for my old Nokia cell phone, and to play "Kill, Marry, Boff" Round 3.

Questions this week:

  1. What is your favorite depiction in a video game of Hell? (03:56)
  2. What is it about about giant robots that people find so appealing? (10:11)
  3. What can we expect from Grand Theft Auto 20? (15:39)
  4. John Romero, Jonathan Blow, CliffyB: KMF? (22:05)
  5. JASON YOUNG: Other than Final Fantasy VII, what other games might benefit from a de-make? (28:35)
  6. First we lost Nintendo Power, now G4 is going off the air. What's the next video game celebrity death? (36:50)
  7. What is your dream video game crossover? (42:55)
  8. Pitch me a mobile game for the Nokia cellphone I had in high school. (49:08)
  9. Which Valve headliner will have the greatest impact on video games: Greenlight, Steam TV, or Steam's VR headset? (55:26)
  10. If Valve is the Pixar of Video Games, then who's the Dreamworks of Video Games? (01:02:20)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Who would you cast? (01:08:11)

Edited by Andrew Toups.