QWOP creator Bennett Foddy joins us to talk about stuff. Stuff like Alan Moore, air dropping video games, and an actual Nintendo theme park.

Questions this week:

  1. How do we get people back into arcades? (02:32)
  2. We know what a AAA video game is, but what's an A, AA, or AAAA video game? (08:53)
  3. When is DLC worth buying? (15:17)
  4. What are the best underwater segments in video games? (21:49)
  5. Who is the Alan Moore of video games? (28:07)
  6. If you could send 3 portable games on one device to everybody in the world, what would they be? (35:55)
  7. What would be the attractions of a real Nintendoland? (42:28)
  8. What company should Capcom fight next? (48:51)
  9. How would you explain QWOP/Noby Noby Boy to your mom? (55:17)
  10. My sister asks: Which video game character would have the most trolls on Twitter? (01:02:20)

Edited by Andrew Toups.