Special guest Heather Anne Campbell of Whose Line Is It Anyway, Twilight Zone and How Did This Get Played joins the crew to discuss economics, Eddie Vedder, and an extremely good Improv Zone.

Questions this week:

  1. Does something need to be done about poor performance and understanding of console transition games? (06:53)
  2. What is your favorite video game you’d still consider a bad game? (12:59)
  3. What’s the most interesting economic system in a video game? (18:12)
  4. What’s the most spectacular video game award show failure? (23:24)
  5. Which video game characters would most likely sign up for a UCB class? (29:18)
  6. Improv Zone: Video Game Characters in UCB Class (34:25)
  7. Question by Patreon Supporter Cera Sophia: What are the underappreciated creative/production roles in video games? (39:15)
  8. What can you tell about a person based on their fighting game style? (45:24)
  9. What can someone say to convince you to check out a game, in four words or less? (50:25)
  10. What is the Neon Genesis Evangelion of video games? (54:35)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Slogan Slingin’ (59:33)

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.