Vito Ghostualdi joins Frankenstein Cifaldi, The Grim Rogers, and that other guy to share spooky stories.

Questions this week:

  1. Which video game franchises could benefit from a Halloween-themed entry? (04:38)
  2. Explain the relationship between Count Dracula and Death in the Castlevania series. (10:34)
  3. What are some easy video game costume ideas? (17:05)
  4. How do you make zombie games interesting again? (23:23)
  5. Why is Pac-Man chased by ghosts? (30:37)
  6. Come up with a better localized name for the Biohazard series than Resident Evil. (36:55)
  7. What would the Insert Credit DOOM .wad be? (43:26)
  8. Nemesis, Pyramid Head, Scissor Man: KMF? (49:43)
  9. What's the scariest video game ever made? (55:20)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Frightening Round (01:02:17)

Edited by Andrew Toups. Art and Story by Gilbert Smith.