The Core Three give us the scoop on Polygon, the LucasArts buyout, and preorder bonuses.

Questions this week:

  1. FRANK: Adapt Sanford and Son into a video game. (01:52)
  2. Are we in the Golden Age of video game journalism? (08:55)
  3. How effective are preorder bonuses as a marketing strategy? (15:10)
  4. What is the best Atlus game? (21:19)
  5. Explaining Dishonored to your mom. (27:30)
  6. What does Disney buying out LucasArts mean for videogames? (34:51)
  7. What expectations can we extrapolate for Portal 3? (41:08)
  8. Why the hell are Square Enix mobile games like 15 bucks? (47:25)
  9. Who is the PT Barnum of video games? (53:51)
  10. What was the deal with that handle on the back of the GameCube? (01:00:19)

LIGHTNING ROUND: MathM: Pitch me some games to relay to my dad, David Jaffe. (01:06:44)

Edited by Andrew Toups.