Bad jokes, meaningful treehouse hangouts, and the Five Best Video Game Magazines Of All Time.

Questions this week:

  1. Previously on Insert Credit #123: What would be the worst movie to license as a beat-em-up? (02:21)
  2. What’s keeping big tech companies from breaking into video games after Microsoft? (07:42)
  3. What is executionally the worst joke you have ever seen in a video game? (13:21)
  4. Which human video game characters would be most valuable to examine for medical science? (19:39)
  5. What are the top five video game magazines of all time? (25:34)
  6. Patreon Supporter Beaion asks: What game are you always trying to get your friend group or social circle to play and why won't they play it? (31:43)
  7. What are the ideal personal and environmental conditions which must be met before you play a video game for a long period of time? (38:28)
  8. When do you feel like you need to start an unfinished video game over from the beginning before you can finish it? (42:53)
  9. What was the best day you ever had just playing video games?  (48:34)
  10. What is the “figuring out how to use the shower in an unfamiliar bathroom after a long day of travel” of video games? (56:50)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Trademark-Free Video Game Valentines (01:01:53)

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.