Permanent tracheal damage, Geoff Keigh3, and Dr. Wowy’s Pee Factory.

Questions this week:

  1. Previously on Insert Credit #10: What can we expect from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie? (4:56)
  2. Frank’s question: What do you say to someone who wants your career in video games? (10:17)
  3. Remember E3? It’s back, in streaming digital presentation form! Is there no turning back now? (16:44)
  4. If we define a perfect game as one which exhausts every satisfactory application of its core concept, which games fit that definition? (22:25)
  5. The Adaptation Game: Saturday Night Live (28:43)
  6. Patreon Supporter Meghan Murphy asks: what game has the best post-game? (35:27)
  7. What’s the right amount of random chance to use in a video game? (42:20)
  8. What are the greatest lengths to which you have ever gone to play a particular video game? (48:06)
  9. What are the best bombs in video games? (53:40)
  10. What is the finding a long, crispy french fry in your order of onion rings of video games? (59:16)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Playing Flavorites: Mega Man Robot Masters (01:05:13)

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.