The Lost Fully Interactive Podcast 19.

Questions this week:

  1. Who are the best mothers in video games? (02:14)
  2. If you had to get a video game neck tattoo, what would it be? (08:28)
  3. What is the Rugrats Movie of video games? (14:44)
  4. When was the first time you got a boner while playing a video game? (20:54)
  5. Who would win in a fight: Seanbaby or Yahtzee? (27:10)
  6. What would you put on the soundtrack of a new Idolmaster game? (34:35)
  7. Design a video game based on the life of Miley Cyrus. (40:30)
  8. IMPROV ZONE: You've just been appointed the President of Video Games. You are addressing the public as your leader, making your inaugural address. (46:58)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Bottom Line Review (52:48)

Edited by Andrew Toups. Music ‘Tristram Village’ from Diablo I and II, ‘Level 1 Theme’ from Marble Madness, and ‘Backyard’ from Rugrats Search for Reptar