Brandon's adventures in the Far East can only mean the return of Patrick Miller! Level editors, the Duckiverse, and swimsuit design are discussed.

Questions this week:

  1. What exactly defines a roleplaying game? (02:03)
  2. JASON YOUNG: Which video games should be used as recruiting devices in the tradition of The Last Starfighter? (08:30)
  3. What would Warren Spector's DuckTales be like? (14:46)
  4. Which video game features the best built-in level editor? (22:55)
  5. You encounter someone who "plays video games for the story." What games can you assume they own? (29:09)
  6. What would happen if a pinball table and a jazz band had a million weird babies? (34:17)
  7. There has not been a female protagonist in a Rockstar game since GTA 1. Can Rockstar make a game within their wheelhouse with a female lead? (39:48)
  8. What would you include in the next Dead or Alive swimsuit pack? (46:15)
  9. What is the most difficult type of video game to review? (51:48)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Bottom Line Reviews: Console Edition (57:10)

Edited by Andrew Toups.