Tim, Frank, Brandon and Patrick Miller discuss Skyrim with guns, Tim Schafer's fanbase, and the Fender Stratocaster.

Questions this week:

  1. What is your favorite game where mistakes are as important as what you do on purpose? (01:50)
  2. What will the hallmarks be of the Wii U console generation? (08:07)
  3. What games would be better with guns in them? (14:38)
  4. How would you design a Capcom franchise restaurant? (20:59)
  5. Who would win in a fight between Kratos and Bayonetta? (27:25)
  6. When was the exact point in time that talking about video games in public became socially acceptable? (33:20)
  7. Which artists would you put on the soundtrack for a Metroid movie? (39:48)
  8. DANIEL CLELLAND: What is the Fender Stratocaster of video games? (46:09)
  9. What would a game entirely solicited by Tim Schafer's fanbase be like? (52:25)
  10. How can we make visual novels more popular in America? (59:00)

LIGHTNING ROUND: I'm going to name 12 Japanese pornographic games, and you have to reimagine them as non-pornographic games. (01:08:00)

Edited by Andrew Toups. Music, Brainlord: “Natural Cave”, Shuggie Otis: “Purple”, “Sparkle City”.