Kotaku Features editor Kirk Hamilton joins us to talk about the definition of a power-up, video game hairstyles for your girlfriend, and why Capcom hates Mega Man.

Questions this week:

  1. BioWare’s Gay Planet (02:50)
  2. Super Mario World as a Modding Community Playground (09:38)
  3. Electronic Arts president John Riccitiello vs. United States vice president Joe Biden (15:56)
  4. Modern pop artists in game music composition (22:51)
  5. Game-Inspired Hairstyles for your Girl/Boyfriend (29:10)
  6. Title schema for future Pokémon games (35:46)
  7. A report card for Platinum Games (42:20)
  8. The best power-up in a video game (and what constitutes a power-up) (52:12)
  9. Why Capcom hates Mega Man (58:33)
  10. How to inflate your game’s metascore (01:05:01)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Elevator Pitch (01:11:27)

Edited by Andrew Toups. Music for this episode includes Sleater Kinney’s “Oh!” and Pizzicato Five’s “Trailer Music” and “It’s a Beautiful Day”.