This week on the Insert Credit Show, I come one step closer to realizing my destiny as the Drew Carey of Video Games. Join us on our bold attempt to add story to our show’s gameplay as we tackle the following topics.

Questions this week:

  1. Deleting one video game from your memory (02:08)
  2. A Club Nintendo Makeover (10:45)
  3. Ralph Nader vs. Video Games (17:18)
  4. The deal with Team Fortress 2 and hats (23:42)
  5. Improv Zone: Two doting parents (Rogers, Cifaldi) support their nationally ranked teenage Call of Duty player (Sheffield). (29:57)
  6. Pinball Wizardry (37:12)
  7. First Person Non-Shooters (46:32)
  8. Game wiki management (53:02)
  9. Pulling game villains from the public domain (59:22)
  10. Manipulating the touch-screen interface without your fingers (01:05:42)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Directors Breaking Into Video Games (01:12:35)

Edited by Andrew Toups.