Those Three Guys (tim, brandon, frank) return for a fourth helping of no-nonsense questioneering. Join us for a hearty discussion of Metacritic, Monster World, and mouse livers.

Questions this week:

  1. Is Bonk's Adventure better than Monster World? (03:40)
  2. How useful are score aggregation websites like Metacritic? (10:29)
  3. To what extent did Sega do what Nintendon't? (16:47)
  4. In the year 2027, what will video games be like for cats? (20:31)
  5. Is Steam a plague or a blessing? (26:55)
  6. Solid Snake, Duke Nukem, Marcus Fenix: KMF? (33:10)
  7. NICHOLAS LEIVILLEI: What are the best or worst lessons a video game taught you? (37:46)
  8. How would you run a paper and ink video game magazine with unlimited resources? (44:12)
  9. Who is the most tragic character in a video game? (50:31)
  10. You and your friends are prank calling GameStop. What kind of calls do you make? (57:17)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Final Fantasy (01:03:40)

Edited by Andrew Toups.