This week the Insert Credit gang is joined by Dyad creator Shawn McGrath to discuss weapon design, NPC dialogue, and the rigidity of Johnny Wadd.

Questions this week:

  1. What is the most fun weapon in a video game? (02:18)
  2. In an MMO addiction clinic, what would be used as methadone? (08:36)
  3. NORBERT LEVEJSIK: Who is the Johnny Wadd of video games? (10:52)
  4. Pitch DYAD as a Saturday morning cartoon. (16:58)
  5. What studio would you cede control of Kingdom Hearts to: Atlus, Level 5, or Cavia? (21:40)
  6. Can we actually see a good Superman game in our lifetime? (29:42)
  7. If you were Doctor Robotnik, how would you finally beat Sonic the Hedgehog? (35:54)
  8. Rank these from best to worst: Spec Ops The Line, Marble Madness 2, Shank (42:08)
  9. What's the best way to make a living in the video game industry? (48:14)
  10. What bands and artists would you recommend to people who primarily listen to video game music? (53:10)

LIGHTNING ROUND: You have 5 minutes to write as much dialogue as possible for NPCs in a 90s Japanese RPG. (59:50)

Edited by Andrew Toups.