PlayTastin' some Edward James Oatmeal.

Questions this week:

  1. Which game from the video game title generator are we going to design?
  2. Which game do you feel you could write a book about?
  3. In an alternate timeline where 8 bit video games existed in the 1940s, what games would there be in America as propaganda for the war effort?
  4. What was the second-best year for video games?
  5. Other than yourselves, which fringe video game developers would you like to see at the helm of a AAA video game?
  6. What is the best defensive item in a video game?
  7. How would the game publishing industry be different if it were run like the recording industry?
  8. Design a video game to test the aptitude of government officials.
  9. Who is the Pete Best of video games?


Edited by Blaine Brown. Music: 'To Make the End of Battle' and 'First Step Towards War' from Ys I and II Eternal Story PS2.