Insert Credit Tip: You Could Google That But Maybe You Don't Want To.

Questions this week:

  1. What's your favorite browser flash game?
  2. What's your favorite implementation of a bow and arrow in a video game thus far?
  3. What tips can you give aspiring jerks to irritate game makers to their breaking point?
  4. Design an open world sandbox game based on the golden age of cartoons.
  5. Which video game sequels to the best job of revisiting the settings of previous entries?
  6. Is it time to buy a PlayStation Vita?
  7. What are some untapped ideas for marriage proposal rom hacks?
  8. In an alternate universe 2013 where Nintendo went bankrupt after the Wii failed, who would they sell their IPs to?
  9. On what occasions will you spend $50 or more on a single video game?
  10. What is the Happy Madison Studios of video games?

LIGHTNING ROUND: Playing Favorites

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music 'Song of Storms' By Koji Kondo from Ocarina of Time N64 Jazz Version By SoundCloud user travislien and 'Gene's Rock-A-Bye' by Masafumi Takada & Jun Fukuda from God Hand PS2.