Insert Credit regular Patrick Miller joins us to talk about Gamescom, players of video games, and warthog drifting.

Questions this week:

  1. What distinguishes Gamescom from other industry events? (01:17)
  2. Were there any GameCube games with good voice acting? (07:28)
  3. What is the best feeling vehicle in a video game? (13:42)
  4. MICHAEL STERNS: What are your least favorite industry buzzwords? (19:50)
  5. Would you rather play a Pokemon MMO or an Animal Crossing MMO? (26:10)
  6. Who is the William Hung of video games? (33:41)
  7. Rank all the games in the Halo series from best to worst. (39:54)
  8. How can we streamline the character customization process without losing nuance? (46:10)
  9. What are some films every gamer must watch? (52:44)
  10. Design 8 new Robot Masters for the next Mega Man game. (58:50)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Bottom Line Review (01:03:20)

Edited by Andrew Toups.