Hollywood Correspondent Vito Gesualdi pops in to talk about Nintendo Power, Turbo Play, and MAD Magazine.

Questions this week:

  1. What would you have to say at Nintendo Power's wake? (02:11)
  2. Design a game based on Don Quixote. (08:38)
  3. How did the "shoot-them-up" genre become so culturally linked to the "moe" aesthetic? (14:57)
  4. Who would win in a fight between Gabe Newell and Gabe from Penny Arcade? (21:25)
  5. What would you do with the foreknowledge of how the game industry would develop 10 years ago? (27:47)
  6. How much would you value the only US copy of Final Fantasy II? (35:47)
  7. How can we bridge the gap between those who exclusively play sports games, and people who play everything but sports games? (42:10)
  8. Is the OnLive service worth saving? (48:37)
  9. What's the best ridablanimal in a video game? (55:01)
  10. Aaron Cortelyu: What's wrong with the Souls series? (01:01:21)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Come up with as many Mad Magazine title parodies as you can in 3 minutes. (01:07:56)

Edited by Andrew Toups.